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Shrine of the Obscene

by The Odious Construct

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Arrogant Bastard
Arrogant Bastard thumbnail
Arrogant Bastard In the same vein as label mate Mordant Rapture, The Odious Construct excellently exude extremely enticing metal. This short album is stellar tech death coalesced with occasional melodic elements serving as a brief respite from the chaotic assault.
This shit pummels, yo. Favorite track: Cyanide Eyes.
Доберман Сатз
Доберман Сатз thumbnail
Доберман Сатз Amazing sound. Well crafted and written songs. The melodies and atmosphere they create are extremely good.

No favorite song. The whole album is good
Elliott Johnson
Elliott Johnson thumbnail
Elliott Johnson Another step up from a band that I've been following closely. Great balance of different elements culminating in some solid melo-tech-death
Nerghul thumbnail
Nerghul Incredible band, a fine balance between techy and melodies. Can't wait for a full album release. Favorite track: Vortex of Self.
juppys thumbnail
juppys These guys use very good composition. The melodies from the guitars are interesting, and the drumming is fantastic. Favorite track: Vortex of Self.
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Vortex of Self Solo - Wes Yee Nightmarish imagery translucent movement through membranes of reality I can see the holographic resonance vibrations within me a source of eternity Beyond the walls a vision kept of clutching fists and fields of red. Hover in a void of dreams at the fingertips flowing streams of thought cascading In between truth and disbelief a lock and a key designed to reinforce obscurity Infinite depths sinking into layers of consciousness beckoning my attention now, in a moment of panic, nothing to anchor me Lost in this vortex of self Beneath this white-knuckle grip on my sanity my weaknesses begin to bleed a vague, opaque hallucination of reality. Dissociate, an arm's length away body levitates, spiral down as my soul decays I'll never resurface the undertow dominates memory fades Nothing to anchor me, Layers of consciousness. The silver chord thinning and endless beginnings, moments of infinity. Glide between chaos and peace at crossroads of symmetry. The silver chord suffocates suspend and separate, paralyzed hovering Onset awakening perspective shift and maintain to replay. Manifest perceptions Astral projections Why is thought thought is I I am thought why am I
Descension 03:33
Descension Solo - Wes Yee Subzero winds ravaging again the climate of my soul forever unchanging next to death there's no further way down I've searched everywhere for solace there's none to be found Everything that I remember encapsulated by suffering Dark spheres of misery worthless my history Shrouded in hypocrisy Destined for doom at conception My life is a continuous morbid reflection this joke of a soul rotted long ago and emptiness relentlessly resurrects Cumulative Pain fueled hatred vultures are circling Stripped of humanity Born without empathy let me return this gift of pain My legacy A trail of death left in my wake Mirror reflects no image of mankind no life in their eyes, like mine a wasteland of barren vessels I'll lead us to the light Conductor of one last spectacle my contribution to this sadistic world control will be mine, extinguishing life we'll dance in our own blood on this last fateful night Cumulative pain fueled hatred vultures are feeding on the remnants of the deceased
They Came Through the Mirrors Solo - Wes Yee Ft. Ryan Cho Paranoid, lucid nightmare panic rising, isolation watching as the walls begin to bleed Writhing, intertwining wave-like patterns caught in just the right light manifest the silhouettes of serpents twisting into my eyes Losing sight of self-awareness delusions rising to the surface. onset insidious insanity Spiraling down into this psychosis haunting my thoughts for eternity Catatonic, paralyzed, contorting faces in the dark demons in the walls God when will this stop Vile abstractions squirming in the dark Shadows alter into haunting figures pulling strings to feed glowing red eyes sharp grinning teeth, conspire against me Congregate and coalesce to abduct, interrogate Muffled voices whisper my name louder, calling, louder, screaming Spiraling down into this psychosis separate, annihilate reality Catatonic, immobile and comatose rip away control Powerful and nefarious Demons in the walls God when will this stop Fixed my gaze, looking upon the mirror a fatal error heinous imposter gloating my fear possessed inside. Torturous, panic, razor anxiety engulfs my existence. That look in your eye, I know you're on their side. I heard you say my name, the way you looked at me, they know I know (this time). Palpitations. Isolated. Breaching the threshold of terror. This asphyxiation. Forfeit sanity in this loathsome suffering Demons crawling in the walls Spiraling down insidious insanity
Cyanide Eyes 04:40
Cyanide Eyes Solo - Ben Jackson Solo- Wes Yee Cyanide Eyes Distant persistent obsessive observer the ultimate unparalleled hunger. Pursue your movement for the thrill, the enthrallment of potential predatory encounters. Frozen suspended, impulsive compulsion, gravitating towards your unspoken seductions Invigorated at the thought, the fantasies Fueling this obsession, I dismiss the reality Idle each moment desire in motion ecstatic trance induced lewd and lascivious. Compelled aggression the burning for descension upon your angelic flesh I decompress Piercing gaze the blissful doom lustful thoughts consuming lines of fire the burning fumes intoxicating Obliterate the barriers unrestricted access, A vicious conquest. Release this pressure. Daggers, metallic taste, hazardous haste the gratuitous aggression pressure forcing tension. Idle the moment insightful component desire in motion like eyes in the ocean Primal predator and prey euphoric and calculated inflict arousing pain
Shrine of the Obscene Solo - Ben Jackson Taste the suffering atmospherical density that penetrates safeguards from inhumanity. Violate, retaliate with hate, pain, and the crippling fear that's burning out the only light there is This is the essence of selfishness That you are worshipping tap the vein, repress your pain and bow your fucking heads To the shrine of the obscene Raped and dragged below the threshold for survival forcing the will to submit paradoxical enlightenment from enslavement dehumanize. Pivotal shift in mankind's relation to anguish becomes bloodlust, a mindfuck so putrid and arousing. Abysmal depths intoxicating Blistering evisceration fantasies of degradation awakens the sadist within all. The archetype of misery becomes our god This is the essence of selfishness That you are worshipping Tap the vein, repress your pain and bow your fucking heads to the shrine of the obscene. No light, no end only darkness. Suffer Breed your pain I am the essence of selfishness. Tap the vein, escape your pain and bow your fucking heads.


released October 12, 2018

Casey Ryle - Vocals
Wes Yee - Guitars
Ben Jackson - Guitars
KC Brand - Drums
Sam Datu - Bass

All songs written and recorded by The Odious Construct
Drums recorded by Zack Ohren of Sharkbite Studios
Mixed by Mike Low
Mastered by Zak Denham
Guest Viola on “They Came Through The Mirrors” by Ryan Cho
Artwork By Leonardo Devidson


all rights reserved



The Odious Construct Sacramento, California

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